Monday, January 30, 2012

About Me

Currently studying and working in Washington, D.C., I take an academic and practical interest in American, British and European Politics. With an MA in British Politics: Parliamentary Studies from the University of Leeds and a BA in English from the University of Leicester I’m fascinated by the ways politicians use language to effectively convey their message. I take a keen interest in legislative procedures and the workings of Government; particularly the most effective way to foster ‘Good Government’.

Experienced in working for several senior politicians in both Parliament and their districts. I have also worked on many Parliamentary, European and local election campaigns. I enjoy both the practical grassroots elements of campaigning and the academic and historical elements of Politics. A grassroots perspective on the issues is equally as crucial as a national and international perspective.

I am passionate about promoting women in elected politics and as a student organized several events both to encourage young women to become politically active and to celebrate women who have shaped our political history.

I have a passion for vintage style. I adore the cinema of ‘The Golden Age of Hollywood’ and take a keen interest in modern cultural history. I adore the theatre. The ‘Music of Protest’ of the 1960s is one of my passions and I see Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Judy Collins in concert as often as I can.

The blog's title, 'The Washington Rose' alludes to the red rose which is the Labour Party’s symbol and the white rose which is the symbol of Yorkshire, England, the area I come from.

Photos of me at the Washington Monument and with the Capitol in the view behind me, taken at the National Mall in January 2012.

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