Saturday, March 10, 2012

Are We Nearly There Yet?

With the risk of sounding like a 4-year old screeching kid in the back of the car stuck in traffic on a long journey on a hot summer's day, I find myself asking 'Are We Nearly There Yet?' whenever I think of the Republican Primary. By now I am sure that we are all tired by the Republican race.
The fact that Romney did not seal the deal by Super Tuesday speaks volumes about his chances of winning against Obama. If Romney can’t easily win the Republican nomination against a philandering Modern-day Machiavelli aka Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum, a candidate with an everyman, small town image but scarily Conservative views, which would alienate the mainstream American public, then he is in trouble. 

To beat an incumbent President you need to have a magnetic star quality and all the cards in your favor à la Bill Clinton in 1992. Romney has neither of these. He is winning the Republican race solely on 2 factors: 1. he is the only Republican in the race whose views are not so Conservative as to alienate the majority of the American public and 2. he is outspending his rivals by epic proportions. If and when he does become the GOP nominee he will face a President who took on the most powerful political team in modern-day American politics; the Clintons, and beat them, and who can easily match him in election fundraising; as has been reported this year is likely to be the first billion dollar election campaign.
Following up for my previous post about the pros and cons of long election campaigns, I would say the 2012 Republican race is shaping up to be definitely a negative. The fact that Romney can’t win against such weak GOP rivals creates an image of him as being a weak candidate which will be a difficult image to overcome.

The length of the Republican race is beneficial to neither Republicans nor Democrats. For Republicans it is stirring up divisions within the party as well as doubts about Romney who for all his obvious weaknesses will no doubt be the eventual nominee. For Democrats, the Republican race is garnering all the media attention. I for one will be glad once the Republicans have chosen their nominee and we can begin the real election.

Let Battle Commence!

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  1. ...and long may the race continue. It emphasises the moral and policy bankruptcy of the Republican Party.