Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Donating To Your Own Campaign- A Sign Of Desperation Or Smart Political Move?

President Obama has donated $5,000 to his campaign. At first glance this smacks of desperation. Everyone knows Obama has been massively outraised by Romney. Romney gained a $35 million advantage over Obama in June alone.

However donating to his own campaign may be a smart, tactical move for Obama. It shows that he is putting his money where is mouth is. He is investing financially in his campaign, like his donors. Its much better to ask people for money, if you yourself are making a contribution.

This may be the wake-up call Obama supporters need to get out and donate. Significantly it shows what dire financial straits the Obama Campaign is, stressing to people their help is really needed.

Convincing people that the campaign really needs money is not as easy as it sounds. The Obama Campaign sends supporters around 4 emails per day asking for money. Each email asking for money, saying how the Obama Campaign is being significantly outspent, has the effect of turning people off and may make them less likely to donate.

Obama is following a precedent here, Hillary Clinton donated to her own campaign when it was in a similar financial position to Obama's. Hillary's donation served as a jolt to wake up her supporters about how crucial their support was. It helped give Hillary's campaign one last hurrah.

Despite the attention given to Obama's donation, Mitt and Ann Romney donated $75,000 to the joint Romney-Republican National Committee Victory Fund in May, largely unnoticed. At this stage, given the enormous spending gap between the campaigns and the money Romney has already raised, his donating to his own campaign/party is hardly significant.

If Romney wins it will be largely down to two factors; the state of the economy and his vastly outraising and outspending Obama. Despite the Romney Campaign's massive outspending of Obama, Obama is currently leading in the polls in the swing states of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania according to a recent Quinnipiac University/CBS News/New York Times Poll.

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