Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Republican Party's Woman Trouble

The Republican Party has serious woman trouble. Considering women make up the majority of the population, major alarm bells should be ringing.  Republican Congressman Todd Akin's unbelievable, disturbing comments that women's bodies were naturally able to prevent pregnancy in the case of "legitimate rape" is yet another example of Republican Politicians' bizarre, sexist attitudes about women. This comes after Virginia's human rights-breaking law to require women to undergo an ultrasound prior to having an abortion.

Unbelievably Rep. Todd Akin is a member of the House Science and Technology Committee which defies all conceivable logic. The more cynical amongst us may say its symbolic of how
topsy-turvy Congress is. Akin's comments reinforces the idea that the Republican Party is completely out-of-touch with women voters.

The Republican Party's problem with women extend beyonds the sexist views of certain male representatives. There is a striking lack of visible intelligent and sensible female Republican Politicians. The faces of Republican Women are the Botox Babies, Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin, who's frankly idiotic comments and extremist views reflect badly on their party.

The first names that come to your head when you think of Republican Women would be Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin. Contrast that with the first names that come to your head when you think of Democratic Women which would likely be Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren. That pretty much sums up the Republican Party's difficulty with women. Michele Bachmann is The Female Face of The Republican Party. That should be enough to terrify Republicans into taking action on women.The Republican Party needs to seriously rethink its policies towards women and to promote women who are actually representative of American women.

This all lends further credence to the Democrats accusation that the Republican Party is 'Waging a War on Women' in light of Republicans in Congress blocking Equal Pay for Women, Russ Limbaugh's calling Georgetown University student, Sandra Fluke, a 'slut', the iconic image of an all-male panel testifying before Congress on birth control and Virginia's requirement that women have an ultrasound before an abortion.

The Akin comments coming so close to the election, may be the spark needed to kick-fire Democratic women into action. The Democrats have easily been able to capitalize on Akin's comments by launching hard-hitting negative ads linking Romney and Ryan to Akin. Akin is running for the Senate in Missouri in a closely fought battle with the prominent Democratic Senator, Claire McCaskill. His remarks have likely cost the Republican Party the Missouri Senate Seat. Of course senior Republican leaders are calling on Akin to pull out of the race but the damage is done.

Democratic Senate Candidate for Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren has launched a hard-hitting negative ad about Republican policies on women which may be the kick needed to get her over the finish line ahead of Scott Brown. Warren argues Todd Akin's comments in Missouri were not just one extreme candidate in Missouri but part of a Republican pattern.

Win or lose come November, the Republican Party needs to thoroughly review its policies towards women at every level, from the grassroots up, to be able to legitimately claim to represent the American people. Crucially, the Republican Party needs to promote as leaders women who are actually representative of American women.

UPDATE: Todd Akin has accused the 'Liberal Media' of being out to get him. Whenever Extremist Republicans get called out for their ridiculous views they blame the 'Liberal Media'.

Akin's infamous quote.

Iconic image of all-men panel testifying on birth control.

Bachmann: The Female Face of The Republican Party.

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  1. I think the comments by Akin illustrate a growing trend amongst the right in the USA - the view that truth is "what I believe it to be". Contradictory evidence is dismissed as having a liberal bias - for example - Obama's birth; creationism; cutting taxes when increasing defence spending leads to deficits; - and in tandem with this the creation of myths to "support" prejudices - such as raped women can't become pregnant, so a no-exceptions ban on abortion doesn't face any objections.

    I fear that it is worst in the "religious right" - but then it has a long pedigree in history - I am right; but you are, and your arguments (even scientific ones) are of the devil.

    Religion has always been abused by those who seek to gain and maintain power - hence Marx's view of religion as an opiate of the masses. The worrying thing is that the religious right in the USA is using the power of religion (and some of its practices - I've been to charismatic churches and seen the same 'tricks' which Hitler employed - used (hopefully, innocently), but - surprise, surprise causing the same effect on the 'audience' as Hitler had.